Power Truck Revolution

Truck Power System is a revolutionary product that allows the repair of truck chassis and trailers to reach a new level. It reduces the usage of additional equipment for heating, gas/plasma cutting or welding for the repair of the chassis, with more than 90%. It performs the repair with the help of hydraulics, pulling and pushing, conducted by the pull/push towers providing extreme torque moments.

The high torque moments, enable the user to easily deform, twist and swirl the chassis or the trailer. In the meantime this is the only truck repair system in the world that enables the user to lift the chassis/trailer up to about 2,00 meter height, so its underbody part can be controlled, inspected, checked and if needed, additional jobs could be performed under it.

The combination of push/pull columns and beams provides the user a 3D access to every centimeter of the deformed element. This results in a very précised control on every single part of the chassis or the trailer.




Frame  from 12,00 m to 24,00 m
Pull / Push columns  each set with 20 – 40 ton
Rolls for columns
Beams for connecting the columns
Pulling tower  from 20 ton
Anchoring for different chassis
Push / Pull Rams  from 20 to 40 ton
Down pull device
Push Up device   from 20 to 40 ton
Pumps 700 bar
Control units
Chains ø14 and ø18

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