Qb 2000 Mobile Body Shop Pulling System

QB2000 is a mobile pulling bench ideal for all body shops.It is mobile ( on wheels ) and can be used also as a lift when there is no need of pulling.The time you need to put the vehicle on the bench and start working is about 10 minutes.In shrunk form it is 100 mm. So any automobile can roll on freely without any lifting equipment needed.

The four wheel stands are on wheels and the four brackets come with a measuring tape so centering the vehicle is very easy.

It has 10 ton pulling arm that can be mounted anywhere (360°) around the bench, keeping the pulling power the same at any height.

During pulling the chain never changes its angle.



Technical details:
Frame length 2300 mm
Frame width 880mm
Lifting capacity 3000 kg
Pulling power 10 t
Height in shrunk form 100 mm
Max lifting height 1100mm
Air-Hydraulic pump 500 bar and 700 bar


Pulling tower 10 Ton 1 Piece
Clamps 4 pieces
Rubber pads 4 pieces
Wheel stands 4 pieces
Beams 4 pieces
Hydraulic pump for pulling 1 piece
Hydraulic pump for raising 1 piece
Chain with hook 10 t 1 piece
Pulling clamp 1 piece

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